Monday, March 25, 2013

Support Comes in Twos: Saucony and ProCompression

This week I want to take a moment to thank two new sponsors I've been able to add to "Team Marco" this year. I like to think of sponsors as key ingredients in the support network almost every runner has to invariably create to successfully compete post-collegiately. 

Whether you train your butt off to make an Olympic team or just to shave a few more seconds off that personal best - having someone outside your little support group give you the nod means a lot. So, on that note, thank you to Saucony and ProCompression for the support this year. 

I'm pleased to be representing another local San Diego company in ProCompression. There are a lot of compression sock companies out there but I believe this has to be one of the better ones. They have a simple and comfortable compression sock (in tons of colors!) but it gets the job done in both recovery and competition. 

The Saucony Hurricane Program offers great support and an opportunity to take part in Saucony events regionally. I'm excited to get to know the regional reps and compete for an organization that has an eye out for the running community at large. 

I've only been out of college going on three years but it has become apparent that finding your support (#FindYourStrong) year in and year out to continue training is so important. It's tough for sure, but with a positive attitude and friendly spirit you will be surprised at whom you find are willing to help. 

I'm going to close up with my tentative racing schedule for this spring and summer. Maybe you'll be at a few meets on this list! 

April 7 - Carlsbad 5k - Open Division
April 13 - Pomona-Pitzer Invite - 1500 
April 18-20 - Mt. SAC - 1500 
April 28 - Payton Jordan - 1500 or 5k 
May 4 - Oxy Invite - 1500 or 5k 
May 19 - Bay to Breakers 12k  
June 1 - Jim Bush Invite - 800 or 1500 
June 2 - State Street Mile 
June 5 - Summer Nights Series - Mile 
June 19 - Summer Nights Series - 800 
June 22 - Bonita 5k 
June 26 - Summer Night Series - 1k 
July 4 - Alliant Energy 8k 

This makes for a long racing season and there will definitely have to be some adjustments in there to maintain fitness over the several months of racing. However, I've set myself up well early and look forward to mixing and matching these racing opportunities. I'm putting myself a little out of my element but I like that challenge. 

Once again, thanks Saucony and ProCompression! Thanks for reading! 

- Who can you inspire? 


  1. Looks like a grueling race schedule with some back to back meets. Good luck and stay healthy. What are your 2-3 highlights? Any goal times? Thanks.

    1. Thanks! The schedule might change, it really depends on how I'll be feeling and what I think I need to work on, but I'm looking forward to it. I'm looking for a solid race at either Jim Bush or State Street Mile. One of my favorite races and courses is the Bonita 5k here is San Diego - fast road 5k with a great atmosphere. Maybe I'll see if I can gun for the course record there! This year I'm not so focused on time but just getting back into the process of training/racing after some time off last year. If I run under 3:50 and 15:00 in the 1500 and road 5k I would pat myself on my back! Patience, perseverance, and positivity! How's training going?

    2. Nice that you're racing different distances and combining track and road races. And those times are fast! My 1/2 marathon training is going well. I've completed a couple of 17 miler training runs. We've had a long and hard winter in the Northeast, so looking forward to training in warmer weather.

  2. Wow great races coming up! Wishing you tons of luck. Congrats on the two new sponsors--you deserve it! Go Marco!

  3. Wow... I'm jealous you're still allowed to work with ProCompression, because I was told the contract meant I had to give up my compression sponsorship and only wear Saucony compression gear...

  4. Just came across your blog and really enjoyed it! Keep up the great writing and running!